6 Ways to Upgrade your Home for Spring

The extra hours you’ve been spending at home these days because of the pandemic can make you grow weary and tired of the same surroundings. The cold weather does not help either. But the good thing is, spring is coming soon. That means, days will be longer and the sun will be coming out of hibernation.

There is something rejuvenating about Spring. Spring feels like a fresh start. It can encourage a cleaner and fresher perspective in your space. The old saying “Out with the old and in with the new”- perfectly defines spring cleaning. It’s time to let go of the old things or ideas and start with fresh, new ones.  

Here are 6 tips on how you can easily upgrade and breathe life back to your home this season.

1. Decorate with flowers.

Bring Spring to your space by adding in some flowers. One of the easiest ways to update the room is by adding fresh flowers. Take advantage of the fresh flowers at your local store. Decorate with hyacinths, daffodils, or tulips. Put them as a centerpiece or hang them on your wall.

2. Update fabrics.

Replace the knit blankets and faux fur carpets with lighter fabric like cotton or linen. Consider using pastel color or light-colored ones - it will make the room feel lighter and brighter. Layering white and other light colors will add a pop of color while still keeping the room neutral.

3. Reduce the clutter

Organizing your space and limiting the clutter will make your home feel new again. Start decluttering the areas that tend to be the messiest, such as the makeup drawer or the closet. Throw away or donate the stuff that doesn’t spark joy and keep only the important things. One update you can add to reduce the appearance of clutter is by adding woven baskets. It is perfect to store your items, while making sure that the room is still looking chic and stylish.

4. Add greenery

Bring vibrant color to the room by adding in some real, fresh plants. House plants can make the room feel alive and clean the energy of your entire home- whether it is the living room, bathroom, or even the kitchen. But if you don’t have a green thumb,  fake plants will do too. There are tons of artificial plants that look realistic. You won’t have to take care of them but they will still manage to add a pop of color to your house.

5. Paint

They said that nothing gives space a more dramatic update than a fresh coat of paint. True enough, you will be amazed how a different coat of paint can do to a room. It’s Spring, so clean and neutral colors will fit the season. But if you are not interested in changing the paint for the whole room, consider just painting a cabinet or the door. 

6. Switch your Art / Photos

Another simple way to make a home look new is by updating the photos you currently have. No need to change the entire wall, but exchanging a few pieces with the new ones will make the room feel fresh and updated. You can also move the pieces around. Instead of them hanging on the wall, move them to the table. Using new frames will also do the trick of making the room new.


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