Decorate Home with Throw Pillows

When updating the home interior, people often don’t look into minor details. We change the paint color and the furniture but small details like changing the pillow covers are not considered. The thing is, changing the pillow covers can affect the atmosphere of the whole room. It is the best way to elevate a house into a home.

Imagine how a plain sofa can make the room look like a Bohemian theme by adding tassel pillows, or it can make the room look modern by adding nordic patterned pillows. These small details will make a big difference to the room. It is the perfect way to spruce up space. There are so many ways to decorate your home with throw pillows. We’ve listed some ways to help you decorate with throw pillows like a pro in no time.

1. Pick an Anchor Color

When decorating, we usually have a color in mind where we based the color of our furniture. For example, if the wall color is beige, it's better to add pillows that have the same color as the wall but keep it interesting by adding pillows that have different patterns or a pop of color like this Linen Tassel Pillow Cover. 

Keep things more exciting by adding a new color to the palette like this Midnight Moroccan Pillow Cover. The blue details contrast with the anchor color but at the same time, it accentuates the color pattern of the room.


2. Mix and Match Prints

Make the space look attractive by mixing different styles and patterned pillows into the room. It is a great way to keep the eye engage and elevate the intrigue of the style. For example, these Wilderness Pillow covers have a graphic neutral design that balances the color while the yellow and green graphic pillows add a pop of color. The floral print beige pillow ties in most of the colors in the room. 

You can have fun experimenting with different patterns and textures to bring an aesthetic to the room. Just remember that, when choosing the pillows, it should bring out the element in the room. It should either match the accent color, the texture of the carpet, the pattern of the furniture, or it can shine on its own with its interesting design. 

3. Vary Pillow Proportion and Shape

Varying pillow sizes create a fun look to the room while pillows with different shapes add a pop of interest and are totally eye-catching. Place the large pillows towards the end of the sofa to create a backdrop then move inward by adding smaller pillows and rectangle pillows in the middle to maximize the space.

Both Ivory Tuft Pillow Cover and Daisy Pillow Cover have different sizes available to help you style the room.

Ivory Tuft Pillow Cover:  

Daisy Pillow Cover

But if need a more pop of interest, these Flower Pillows will surely catch everyone’s eye. Plus, it will make the room look more comfortable and homey.


4. Play with Texture

Varied pillow sizes and shapes look great together but so are pillows with different textures. Pillows with different textures combined together create a contrasting design that makes it the perfect accent pillow. For example. These crushed-velvet Teddy Pillow Covers will look great when matched with these cotton soft Golden Plush Pillow Covers.

Teddy Pillow Covers: 

Golden Plush Pillow Covers: 

 You can also mix pillows with tassels with a more understated cotton pillow. For example, these Textured Pillow Covers will match well with the tassel of these Macrame Pillow Covers.

Textured Pillow Covers:  

Macrame Pillow Covers: 


5. Determine the number of Pillows needed

In styling, there is a rule to decorate items in odd numbers like 3 or 5. This rule applies the same to decorating with pillows. Pick an odd number of pillows like 3 for a normal-size couch and 5 for a larger one. Make sure to arrange it in a unifying style like color or theme. Having an odd number of pillows gives your couch a modern look and eclectic style. 

Tassel Pillow Cover

6. Add a fun flair

Pillow covers can set the atmosphere of the room. Keep it more interesting by adding a pop of art in a center of muted tone room. These Pop Art Pillow Covers make the perfect accent pillows and is great way to incorporate new colors into the room.

Pillows are a great way to show your style. Follow the tips above to make sure that you are decorating and arranging your pillows to make sure your home looks great.

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