Ergonomic Benefits of a Laptop Stand

In terms of portability and power, who wouldn't want to use a laptop? Laptops provide the convenience and freedom to work from anywhere, but it’s no secret that using a laptop for extended periods can present a serious health risk to your body over time. There are multiple cons to using a laptop, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop using one. This is why we want to discuss the ergonomic benefits of using a laptop stand. 

A laptop stand provides convenience and comfort to the user and helps to mitigate the long term negative effects of laptop use. 

Here are some other reasons why you should invest in one. 

1. It corrects your posture

When working on a laptop you tend to lower your head and move close to the screen, creating a hunched position. This position strains your neck and back. With a laptop stand, you can adjust the position of your screen to match your eye level. This automatically puts your upper body in a more ergonomic position as your neck is positioned straight and hunching is reduced.

2. Increases work efficiency

With laptop stands, your laptops will be placed in the most comfortable position. Your attention will not divert to strains in your body, so you can keep your entire focus on your work.

3. Prevents overheating

Laptops tend to overheat more than desktops. The reason for this is that the hardware components are closely fitted together, and this minimizes the space available for air circulation. Using a stand will elevate your computer, thus allowing better airflow to your computer’s ventilation system, usually found on the bottom surface. This will allow your laptop to run at optimal performance longer, and even potentially prolong the life of the computer.

4. Protects your laptop

When working long hours many people like to keep snacks and drinks with them, which can be accidentally spilled. With a stand, your laptop will stay elevated in one place and will be less likely to experience severe damage in the case of an accident.

5. Improves typing ergonomics.

With a laptop stand, your typing position becomes more natural and comfortable. As soon as your keyboard is elevated to the correct angle, you will immediately feel the benefit.

6. Can be used on a table to create a standing desk.

Sitting all day can make you feel lethargic and unmotivated. Alternating between sitting and standing throughout your workday can help prevent living a sedentary lifestyle with little or no physical activity. Back pain is a sad reality for many office workers, and having an option to easily convert any countertop to a standing desk is a great alternative to have. 

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