Home Decoration Ideas for Summer

It’s officially summer! It’s the time to jet off to some faraway waterfront locale. However, some are still restricted and may not be able to travel again yet. But don’t let the summer vibes pass you by! Now is the perfect time to give your home a refreshing update. Why not dress up your home for a summery staycation look? We got easy summer decorating ideas that are perfect for impressing guests at your next gathering.

Here are some of our favorite ideas to create the perfect summer home: 

1. Play with color

Summer calls for playful colors. Start by painting the walls white to give space for colorful accessories. Then add colorful cushions for a pop of color. Also consider bringing in some cool blue or green artwork and ornaments. Adding vibrant hues will bring life to the room. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and palettes. 

2. Summer florals

Florals never go out of style. If you’ve been considering adding them to the room, summer is the perfect time! Flowers instantly lift a room's mood. Style flowers with various vases and place them as a table centerpiece or around different corners of the room. If you don’t have time to take care of real flowers, faux flowers are the answer! With faux flowers, there is no fuss and will keep your home pretty without the extra work. 

3. Add life with plants

Plants bring life to a room, plus the pop of green evokes freshness and renewal. Start by adding plants in empty corners. You can also create a wall full of greenery by training vines with our Invisible Wall Rattan Clips to style them into place. You can also hang your favorite plants with hanging vases.

4. Update your wall decor

Don’t let that plain colored wall stay boring. Add art pieces for a pop of colour in the room. You can style and layer multiple canvases on the wall - the perfect way to add multiple aspects of your personality to a room. 

5. Decorate with books

Another decor piece you can add around your home for summer are books. This will be easy especially for book lovers. Books are a great accessory for your coffee table, shelf or nightstand. It will be a plus if the books have colorful covers, for extra character.

6. Caning Decor

Pieces made from rattan, jute and other durable fibers are great summer decorations. Caning is a style of wicker furniture and is known for signature octagons. Caning designs are great for decor pieces like baskets, coasters, vases and jewelry organizers. 

7. Macrame accessories

A summer home won’t be complete without adding macrame decorations. Macrame accessories are a perfect fit to add a bit of boho vibes for the season. Try adding woven wall hangings or a macrame mat to create softness in the room.

8. Bring beach vibes

Summer won’t be complete without going to the beach. But even if you can’t go, bring the beach vibe right to your home. Find subtle nautical decoration to make your home feel like a beach house. You can get started by adding boat-shaped relic or seashell decorations to the room.

Now is the perfect time to bring the summer feel indoors. Try using some of these tips to give your home a relaxed summer vibe. Bring summertime right inside your home.

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