How To Create The Perfect Boho Chic Bedroom

Do you long for a place in your home where you can unwind whenever you feel stressed? Often, this perfect sanctuary is our bedroom. Bedrooms should feel comfortable and warm - an inviting place to relax and feel at ease. 

A bedroom designed for optimal relaxation isn’t too hard to achieve. One of our favorite ways to add warmth to your bedroom is with a Boho decor theme. There are no specific rules for Boho decorating, but the aesthetic often includes warm tones, combining patterns, layering textures, and decorations that will make the room feel homey and cozy.

Curious how you can transform your bedroom with Boho touches? We have a few tips on how to create this perfect sanctuary.

1. Plain Wall Color

For your paint choice, we recommend sticking with more neutral tones. Often people go for white walls as it serves as a blank canvas, especially if you want to incorporate a lot of wood accents in the room. The warmth of white color will make your wood accents pop up.


2. Add Warm Wooden Touches

Wooden accents paired with white color scheme is the epitome of Bohemian look. Natural items made from wood and rattan make for excellent Boho decor. You can add wooden palettes that will serve as a bed frame or stack it to create a mini table. You can also hang wooden frames to display wall arts.


3. Create a Feature Wall With Hanging Tapestry

One way to achieve a Bohemian bedroom is to hang a centerpiece on your wall like a floral tapestry. You can hang it above your bed to create a focal point that brings the decorations of the room together.


4. Add Some Plants

A Bohemian room would not be complete without plants. Bring life to the room by adding in some plants. Hanging planters are the perfect finishing touch to the boho themed bedroom. Use different styled planters such as ceramic, wood or even rattan to add different dimensions and depth. 


5. Add Moroccan Inspired Rugs

Moroccan patterns are a great way to accentuate a room while still giving a Boho vibe. Rugs with Moroccan patterns frame the bed and create an anchor within the room, which brings every piece of decor together. The neutral colors and amazing patterns makes the room feel homey.


6. Style with Rattan Standing Planters

Big plants will automatically give a Boho look to the room without needing to add a lot of decorations. Planters made from rattan give a natural look to the room. The earth tone will help create a calming, serene vibe. Plus, rattan planters and accessories work with any color scheme.


7. Add Baskets

A boho chic room would not be complete without baskets. Keep the room clutter-free by storing your favorite items in baskets. Baskets do not just keep the room tidy but also act as decorations to the room. 


8. Use Macrame Patterns

Some favorite decorations to add on a Boho room are Macrame items. Macrames are laces made by knotting threads in a geometrical pattern. Pillow cases or hanging tapestry made with macrame patterns create warmth and capture true bohemian essence.

The good thing when creating a Boho inspired bedroom is that there are no rules that need to be followed. You can experiment and combine elements that fit your style. Remember, that the ultimate goal is to create a room that will make you feel relaxed and comfortable, while showcasing your personality and style. 

Here are some items to help you recreate the perfect Boho Bedroom:

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