How to Refresh your Bathroom

A bathroom is the only place in the house where practicality should meet luxury. It is where you store toiletries but is also where you start and end your day. Aside from being clean and organized, you want it to be relaxing. When you are ready to upgrade your bathroom but don’t want a full renovation, a bathroom refresh is just what you need. Instead of changing the tiles or the layout of the bathroom, there are easier ways to have a bathroom makeover. 

1. Reframe your reflection.

Mirrors are an essential part of the bathroom. It can make even the smallest room look bigger. Add mirrors that match the theme of your bathroom like this Hanging Round Mirror. If you have existing mirrors you can also reframe them to add instant warmth and coziness to the bathroom.

2. Add Bathtub Accessories.

Let’s face it, bathtubs automatically add class to the bathroom. Whether it’s small or big, the bathtub makes the room feel luxurious and comforting. Make it more classy by adding bath accessories like this Bamboo Bathtub Tray and Bath Pillow. These are not just for style but are also functional. You can put your books, candles, and bath essentials on the tray while you are having “Me time” while the pillow can help you relax while taking a warm bath. 



3. Bring calm to the countertops.

Messy countertops are a big no, whether you are updating your bathroom or not. Keep essentials contained in a countertop tray to easily access them and keep them organized. This mirrored Nordic Brass Tray keeps perfume and other bathroom essentials contained while still looking chic. If you prefer a rustic bathroom, this Wooden Serving Tray is perfect to hold your mini bathroom essentials.



4. Create a Gallery Wall of Art.

Add color and personality to a plain wall by hanging some wall art. With an asymmetrical grouping of wall arts, a dull wall can be brought to life. The Watercolor Palms Canvas and Seafoam Canvas design will bring a summer and beach feel to the bathroom while the Beachy Bathroom Canvas brings peace and calming vibes.



5. Make A Display Of Storage.

Change or add new stylish bathroom storage. The room will get a fresher look and will look more “put together” when things are put in this stylish yet functional storage. The Laundry Wicker Basket instantly hides dirty clothes while still giving sleek vibes. The Woven Wicker Basket can also be used to hide dirty clothes but can also serve as plant pots when you want to display synthetic or regular plants. These wicker baskets add texture and create Bohemian vibes to the bathroom.



6. Change to marble.

One way to upgrade your bath to a modern one is by adding some marble touches. You can change the countertop to marbles but if you are looking for a more budget-friendly, the Marble Vinyl Wallpaper will do the trick. You can also use it to update your cabinets and wall, depending on the theme you are aiming for in the bathroom.

7. Add a little greenery.

Plants do not just keep the room fresh, it also adds color and style to the room. For your bathroom update, try adding plants that don’t need much sun especially if your bathroom is not near a window. You can also try adding some faux plants like Turtle Leaves and Monstera Leaves 


8. Add more storage.

Often, we do our hair and makeup in the bathroom because it is easier to clean the mess in one small room. Update your bathroom fixture by adding the Bathroom Wall Organizer. This organizer can hold your hair tools like a hair dryer, flat iron, comb, and even razor. Store your makeup, perfumes, and skin care on an organizer that is easily accessible like this Cupid Corner Organizer. It has large space to fit your essentials but also saves space as it is placed at the corner of the countertop.


Refreshing your bathroom doesn’t have to be super expensive. It also doesn’t have to be super messy. The key to updating your bathroom is making sure that it will make you feel relaxed while making sure that everything is organized and stylish.

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