How to turn your home into a Spa

A spa day is always a treat for everyone. Once you enter the spa, you will automatically feel relaxed and calm. The smell and ambiance are so inviting that they make you want to stay there forever. But with the recent situation, Covid, an increase of prices and even the long booking time makes it hard to go to the spa. So why not bring the Spa to your home? We’ve listed some easy tips to turn your home into a spa paradise without breaking the bank. 


1. Add Aromatherapy elements to every corner of your house.

Spas have a distinguished smell that automatically makes you relax. The common scents they use are Lavender, Chamomile, or Eucalyptus as it has calming properties. Incorporate these scents by adding essential oil diffusers into the room. You can also add any scent you want to boost your mood. The Aromatic Diffuser has a perfect size that can diffuse the whole night. You can also create your own scent by adding your favorite fruits. If you want a small one for your room, the Marble Diffuser is perfect. Its marble-inspired design will match any modern-themed room.

Aromatic Diffuser: 


2. Fill the space with soothing sounds.

People come to the spa to relax their bodies and mind. In spas, they have a sound that makes you feel that you are blending with nature. The soft sounds like a waterfall, waves, and birds sound are so soothing that can make you fall asleep. The White Noise Machine has 6 soothing sounds that can make you feel at ease and can play nonstop for 12 hours. The Tranquil Fountain gives water sounds that are also relaxing. This fountain can also be displayed in the room to give more spa vibes.

White Noise Machine:  

Tranquil Fountain: 

3. Set the space with mood lighting.

Harsh light like fluorescent lamps are not good for the eyes when relaxing. Dim the lights to create a relaxing vibe. Use the Diffuser Lamp to light the space. It also doubles as a diffuser and gives aromatherapy benefits and a natural fragrance that can enhance your mood. Lighting candles like Ember Nightcap Soy Candle can give you the right amount of light when relaxing. Plus, it has Jasmine, Muguet, Incense, Wood, and Honey scents that can help lighten the mood.

Diffuser Lamp:

4. Bring natural elements inside.

Walking outside and looking at nature can make you feel at ease. Bring it to your home by adding natural elements like wood, pebbles, and plants. The Hug Planter looks like a rock but can also hold growing plants. It also gives zen vibes to the room. The Watercolor Palms Canvas has a mountain design and calming colors that are perfect to place in the room.

Hug Planter:


5. Fill Your Space With Plant Life.

Incorporate plants into the room. Real plants help freshen the air and bring color to the space. It also has been proven to boost mood and reduce stress. Incorporating it into your home will make a big difference. But if you can’t take care of real plants, add faux ones. Looking at them can also make you feel relaxed. The Calla Lillies give off a warm ambiance to the room. Palm Leaves can help create a tropical oasis in your home. Place them in the corner of the home and look at them whenever you feel stressed.

Calla Lillies: 


6. Get yourself comfortable robes.

Complete your spa experience by having comfortable robes and towel headbands. The Queen Plush Bathrobe will make you feel like you are a queen. It is designed to give ultimate comfort by keeping you warm, cozy, and pampered just as if you were in a 5-star hotel or at a luxurious spa. Don’t leave your hair unattended. The Adjustable Towel Headband will keep your hair away from your face while having your “Me Time”. It is super soft and easy to adjust and remove.

Queen Plush Bathrobe: 

Adjustable Towel Headband:

7. Treat Yourself to Elevated Accessories

If you will be doing a relaxing “Me time” every now and then, add some chic accessories to really make you feel that you are in a spa. The Bamboo Bathtub Tray is the perfect piece to hold bath essentials while having a bath. Light your candles, read the book and drink your wine. This Bamboo Tray has the space for these things. While you’re at it, the Bath Pillow can help relax your head while on a bath. It is designed to provide the best comfort and the perfect bath experience.

Bamboo Bathtub Tray:


Bath Pillow: 


No need to go to the spa. Transform your home into a perfect retreat by adding products that can help you relax at home. Creating a soothing ambiance like a spa is not difficult, follow the steps above to create the perfect spa at home.

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