Must-Have Decor Items For Zen

We all experience stress, so it’s important to feel at peace and relaxed once you return home at the end of the day. A home is often regarded as a place of serenity, which is how zen principles became popular in interior design. Zen in home decoration reflects harmony, relaxation, and balance. It does not have a strict set of rules, but the main goal is to feel at peace. It is often associated with styles of cleanliness, minimalism, and purity. Especially now with the shift to work from home, a calming atmosphere will help provide a sense of peace and will help improve concentration and focus at work.

Here are some steps and must-have items to transform your home into total Zen.


1. Let Light In.

With natural light, a space becomes more bright and airy, making you feel more relaxed. Maximize the light by relocating heavy objects away from windows and try not to cover the windows with heavy curtains. 

Macrame Curtain

If you need privacy but still want to let the sun rays in, this Macrame Curtain is perfect. It is made with multiple cotton threads. It won’t block the light coming in and will leave the room looking unique and relaxed.


Serene Sol Soy Candle

If a space doesn’t have windows to let in natural light, candles are perfect in providing mood lighting for a room. Plus, the Serene Sol Candles have a soothing scent to help refresh the room.


Flameless Candle

No need for matches with these flameless candles. These battery-operated candles will provide additional light to the room without needing to worry about burns. 


2. Enhance your room with natural scents

A zen home should stimulate inner peace and growth. Soy candles and essential oils can enhance the room with fresh scents that can help you relax during sleep or meditation, or keep you awake if diffused with an awakening scent like lemon.


Diffuser Lamp

This 2-in-1 diffuser lamp can help light and provide a soothing scent to the room. The aesthetic mountain design will be a good decoration for your zen home. 


Aromatic Diffuser

Create your own scent by adding your favorite citrus fruit to this Aromatic Diffuser. You can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to give the room a fresh, clean scent.


Marble Diffuser 

If you want to add a modern touch to the room, this Marble Diffuser has a marble pattern and provides a calming scent by adding essential oils that will keep the room fresh for hours. 


Zen Incense Burner

The smell of incense will automatically give you a moment of relaxation and calm. This incense burner is also a perfect standalone decoration for your zen room. 


3. Invite nature inside.

Having plants inside your home can invite positive thoughts and can make you feel meditative. The soothing green color provides an instant calming effect to the room. However, real plants need extra care and maintenance. If no one can take care of the plants, synthetic plants can help bring nature inside.

Turtle Leaves

These small leaves are perfect for small vases and baskets. The vibrant color updates your decor with a welcoming accent.

Monstera Leaves

No need for maintenance with these Monstera Leaves.  It will keep your room looking fresh all year round and is perfect to place in dimly lit places.


4. Enjoy the power of natural materials.

Natural materials like wood create an inviting space for the soul. Bring nature inside by adding eco-friendly pieces into the room.  Wood pieces have warm tones that will make you feel relaxed when looked at.

Wooden Serving Tray

Add candles and small items to your zen room with this Wooden Serving Tray. You can also add mini plants and diffusers for a more aesthetic touch. 

Macrame Shelf

Shelves provide additional storage and can be used to display decorations. This Macrame Shelf can be hung on the wall to display plants or other ornaments.


5. Choose light fabrics

When choosing fabrics make sure that they are light and comfortable. Additionally, earth-colored tones fabric gives off a sensation of relaxation and calmness.

Tassel Cushion

This soft, woven cushion cover adds texture, and interest to any room. Plus, the soft patterns provide calmness when touched.


6. Add Zen Art

Try incorporating zen art into the room. Any wall painting with cool tones that give off peace will be perfect for the room.

Beachy Bathroom Canvas

This canvas is perfect to place on top of the console table where candles and mini decorations are stored. 

Watercolor Palms Canvas 

If you want to add more color to the room or to incorporate plants without the hassle of taking care of them, this canvas is perfect. The green color and palm design will bring nature inside the room.


7. Add a soothing water feature.

Water is one of the main elements in zen. Often, the sound of dripping water provides calmness to people. Adding water features to the room can bring clarity and help cleanse our minds.

Tranquil Fountain

Add a splash of life to any room with the Tranquil Fountain! The fountain can be used as a water garden to add to the room. It creates a serene space and calmness.

Floral Meditation Fountain

This fountain brings a ​​calm, zen-like feel to any room in the house or workspace. Plus the lotus design gives off a unique vibe to the room. 


8. Keep decorations to a minimum.

Zen is often associated with ‘minimalist’. With minimal items in the room, it will help you focus and feel calmer. Only display items that are simple, have a purpose or are dear to you.

Visage Vase

This vase adds a contemporary style to any home. You can put plants or just leave them as they are, the captivating style will surely stand out.

Yoga Figurine 

Just like yoga is for achieving harmony and unity of body, mind, and spirit. This Yoga Figurine is perfect to add to your zen room. 

Always remember that the main reason for achieving a Zen home is to provide a space where you can feel calm and at a peace. Follow the guide above to make sure that your home will have tranquility and relaxation.

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