Small Bathroom Ideas That Work

The bathroom is the place where you do your morning and evening routine and it’s only right to make it the tidiest area in your house. But whether your bathroom is just a shower stall or a mini powder room, you want to make sure that it looks nice, after all, it’s what you usually see before and after you sleep. Most of us even do our thinking there and spend hours staying in the bathroom. 

The bathroom does not have to be big to have a great style and function. We got styling solutions that will make you forget how small your bathroom is.

1. Add a Round Mirror - mirrors create the illusion of spaciousness, but some are too bulky for a small space. The softness of a round mirror is a great alternative.

 Desktop Dressing Mirror   Wooden Makeup Mirror  Round Marble Mirror 

2. Install Hooks and Wall Shelves - In a small room, a floating shelf is a lifesaver. You can store your soaps, tissues, and washcloth. The hooks will give you a space to hang in your towels and robes.

Coastal Hanging Shelves

Nordic Iron ShelvesRustic Wooden Shelf

3. Put Everyday Items on a Tray - We love keeping our everyday items within reach, so instead of storing them on our cabinet, we just leave them behind the sink. Keep them looking neat by putting the items on a small tray.

Nordic Tray

Rattan Round Basket Dainty Tray


4. Get Tiered Organizers - With limited space, the vertical organizer is your best friend. The tiered storage can store multiple products, bonus if the organizer rotates so you can easily see your beauty products.

 Rotating Enclosed Cosmetics StorageRevolving Lipstick Kit Rotating Corner Storage


5. Tuck Towels in a Basket - No closet in the bathroom? Baskets are the perfect solution to store towels while looking neat and chic.

Woven Basket SetWoven Rope Basket 

Boho Basket 


6. Keep Hair Tools Organized - As a woman, we have tons of hair tools. Make sure to keep them within reach and organize by having a designated storage spot.

Salon Stylist Rack

7. Add Plants - a small bathroom can feel claustrophobic. Plants make bathroom look pleasant. It improves the air quality and are a great decor.  Make sure to use hanging or stick on pots to save space: 

Mini Hanging PlanterHydroponic Glass Pot  

8. Don’t Neglect Art - Most of us, spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Make sure to keep looking cozy with an art painting. An eye-catching piece of art will make any room pleasing to the eyes.

9. Add Flowers - Make the bathroom look brighter with fresh flowers. Flowers will instantly lighten up your mood but if you don’t have time to get fresh flowers everyday, a synthetic one will do a trick. 



10. Keep dirty clothes in one place - Nowhere to store your dirty clothes? Add one storage to hold your dirty clothes. Lack of cabinets cut down storage space, but laundry baskets will do the trick.

Marble Laundry BucketLinen Storage BasketLinen Laundry Basket


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