Finding The Perfect Final Touch 

A beautiful interior decor makes people feel welcome and creates a relaxing vibe. Regardless if you are an interior designer or not, it’s easy to tell if a room is missing something, whether it is a beautiful vase, a plant in the corner, or even an extra cushion on the sofa. However, you don’t need to shell out big bucks in hiring a professional. You can do it yourself by adding key accents that are inexpensive just to freshen up the room or even showcase your personality.

Just like a piece of jewelry that completes an outfit, key accents are needed to tie a room together. And we got tips (and go-to items) on what to add to give that final touch.


Center or coffee tables are a great place to add key accents like vases or bowls. A gorgeous vase that holds plants or flowers makes the room pop. It also gives additional color to the room. Whether you are aiming for a minimalist or a nordic design, vases are a perfect addition to a room.  

Candles/ Candle Holders

Aside from the aromatic scent of candles, they are also a great decoration for any room. You can place candles on top of a coffee table or any shelves to add a touch of warmth. To make it more interesting, place them on top of a tray or a bowl. There are also candle holders that add personality and functionality together.  Remember, in decorating, a little goes a long way. Always go for quality over quantity.


Baskets are space-saving containers. They also add a natural element to the room. One way to add baskets is to group similar objects together and store them inside the basket. Then, place the basket at the corner of the room. For things that are not glamorous enough but are usually needed, you can place them in the basket and put it beside the chair.


Trays make the space more luxurious. Just like baskets are for the floor, trays are for the tabletops. The things that you commonly used like remote controls or trinkets, can be placed inside the tray to keep the space organized and tidy. It also gives a glamorous vibe to the space.


Spruce up your room without spending big bucks by adding lamp shades. Small lamp shades can change the look and feel of a room. With beautiful design and warm light-tones, the lamps can make the space more inviting, also giving the room a ‘finished’ feel.

Wall Art

One great last piece to add to a room will be art. Upon entering a room, people usually see wall art first. The design and pattern of the piece give a feeling or sensation to the person seeing the art. You’ll never regret adding a great piece or wall painting to the room because it will change the whole feel of the space.


If the room is too bare or neutral, add a houseplant. Adding plants will give instant pop of color to the room. If you are not a fan of real plants, realistic-looking succulents in creative pots will do. It acts as a decoration to a dull space. Additionally, grouping the plants together will make it more realistic, especially if you pair it with real plants that are hard to kill.

Overall, the final touch in an interior is the key for tying a room's design together. You just have to find the perfect decoration that will match the interior but will also set as an accent to the room to make the room pop up.

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