Spring Home Cleaning and Organizing

Spring is here! Finally, we can bring life to our home after the long winter season. It’s time to breathe in the fresh air and embrace the warmer weather. Most people turn their attention to landscaping during this time of year, but this is also the perfect time to clean out the clutter in your home and give your indoor space a makeover. We have some tips below on how to do a thorough spring cleaning, room by room, that will surely leave your house shining from the inside out.

1. Living Room - When people enter your home, the first thing they see is the living room. Make sure to dust and polish all the furniture, vacuum the sofa and chairs, wash the windows, vacuum the carpet and change the slipcovers. For organization, you can add these products:

Woven Wicker Basket

Reduce the clutter by adding these woven baskets to store blankets, toys, or other home supplies. 

Rattan Round Basket

No need to look for remote controls everywhere, place them in this Rattan Basket. You can also add books or vases for extra decoration and place it on a table or ottoman.

Elevate Plant Stand

Add a pop of colour to your home by adding some plants. The Elevate Plant Stand comes in a 3 piece set and will be perfect for decorating your living space. 


2. Bedroom - A clean and organized bedroom after a long day at work will help clear the stress away. This Spring, make sure to wipe all the baseboards, dust blinds, wash and change the beddings to lighter fabrics for the warmer weather, and organize the bedside table. For organization, you can add these products:

Matte Tray

Keep your candles and essential oils beside you in this Matte Tray. You can also add a mini vase here to add some green to the room.

Dainty Tray 

This elegant tray will match your room regardless of the season. Place remote controls, candles, or a vase here and put it on the bedside table or a bedroom bench. 

Laundry Wicker Basket

Need a place to store extra beddings and cushions? This Laundry wicker basket has a large space for the extra beddings or to hide mini furniture. Placed it under the bed or under a bedroom bench.


3. Bathroom - A clean and organized bathroom is always pleasing to the eyes. Discard expired personal care products, clean the toilet, scrub the grout in your shower, and mop the floor. For organizing, check out these products:

Bathroom Organizer 

Keep your toothbrush, toothpaste, and essential toiletries in one space for easy access. Brushing and accessing your toiletries has never been easier. 

Bathroom Wall Organizer 

We usually do our hairstyling in the bathroom. Keep everything within reach with this Bathroom Wall Organizer. It has space for the hairdryer, flat iron, brushes, and even razor. 

Aluminum Shower Organizer 

Need storage to hold shampoos, soap, and sponges? This organizer makes it easier to access bathroom necessities. It is adjustable and can fit in most showers. 

Marble Cotton Holder 

The bathroom should have storage for cotton pads and cotton buds. Make sure you never run out of them by storing them in this chic Marble Cotton Holder.


4. Closet/ Vanity Room- Spring is the perfect time to declutter your closet. Time to pack away all the winter clothes. The easiest way to tackle a closet is to first declutter your clothing by type. That means start with shoes, then shirts, then dress, then denim, etc. Before placing your Spring clothes, make sure to try them and only place those that you are sure that you will wear.

Clothing Rack 

Keep your main clothes in the closet and store your everyday essential clothing on this Clothing Rack. It is large enough to hold multiple hangers, it has storage at the bottom to place boxes and shoes. You can also hang your hats and scarf at the side.

Shoe Stand 

When we do our cleanup, we usually miss our shoe storage. Make sure to clean up the storage by disposing of or donating all the unwanted shoes. For extra space, place these shoe stands.

Gold Towel Hook 

Hung clothes, towels, scarfs, hats, or bags in this Gold Towel Hook. A great addition to keep things clutter-free and organized.

Prestige Cosmetics Organizer 

Remove all your unwanted makeup and skincare products. Then place your most used products in this Prestige Cosmetics Organizer. It has a clear acrylic design to easily find your cosmetics. It has a large space for the big bottles for your skincare routine.

Acrylic Jewelry Box 

Don’t miss decluttering and organizing your jewelries. The Acrylic Jewelry Box has multiple layers to hold necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and anklets.


5. Office - Keep your office clean by dusting all the furniture, recycling or throwing unneeded paperwork, and sanitizing your mouse and keyboard. For organizing, use these products:

Nordic Book Stand

Keep books neatly standing upright with this book stand. The geometric design and color are perfect for your home regardless of the season.

Geometric Magazine Rack

Keep clutter away by storing newspapers, books, papers, and magazines in this Magazine Rack. It has 9 slots, perfect for keeping your office neat and tidy. 

Easel Pod

Keep pens, pencils, and markers close by using this Easel Pod. It adds a warm touch to the room and also has the perfect Spring colors.

There’s no other perfect time to declutter and organize the room than this Spring. Make sure that you do your home cleaning and organizing and follow the tips above for faster and better organization.

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