Our Version of Spring Cleaning

After a long winter, spring has finally made its way here! It’s the time of year where you can breathe the fresh air, see the flowers blooming and hear the birds serenading. But before you open the windows, better get a head start on your annual spring cleaning. Yes, spring cleaning can be overwhelming, but you can take it one step at a time. Check out our step by step guide on tips to clean and organize your house for spring. 

1. Windows 

Start your spring cleaning with the windows. Clean windows help give you a fresh and clear outlook on life. Clean both the inside and out by using a glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. You can also use a rubber-edged squeegee to make the cleaning faster. Once the windows are done, bring down the blinds and vinyl shades and start dusting with a duster.

2. Doormats, Rugs, and Carpets

The first thing people notice when they step into your home are the doormats and carpets. Make sure they are clean and very welcoming. For outdoor doormats, hose off and airdry the mats. For the big carpets, vacuuming is a good first step. If you want a more in-depth cleaning, mix baking soda, dish soap, and warm water in the spray bottle, spray in the carpet and start brushing the carpet gently with an old toothbrush. Let it air dry and vacuum again.

3. Dust the light bulbs 

When cleaning, we usually forget to clean the light bulbs. Unscrew the light bulb and polish it with a microfiber cloth - make sure that the cloth is not wet. You will see how bright the room feels after cleaning it.

4. Clean the refrigerator

Remove all the items in your refrigerator. Clean the shelves one by one and wipe the refrigerator inside and out. Put the food items one by one and toss out items that are expired. Organize them by adding mini containers or baskets and placing the same items together or according to their purpose.

5. Oven 

Make sure that the oven is off before starting to clean. Mix baking soda, water, vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray it in the whole oven and let it sit overnight. Then wipe it the next morning with a damp cloth. Wash or wipe down the oven racks and put them back inside. Your oven will be sparkling clean and ready to be used again.

6. Makeup cabinet 

Clean your makeup organizer or cabinet by getting rid of all the expired makeup or skincare products. Put in front the ones that you always use and at the back, the ones that you don’t use as often. Don’t forget to make time to clean your makeup brushes. Here’s some tip on how to clean your brushes: Reasons why cleaning your makeup brushes is important

7. Furniture 

Pull away all the furniture from the wall and vacuum behind and under it. Wipe the surfaces and vacuum the cushions and the pillows. Make sure that you go through all the corners and leave it spotlessly clean.

8. Bookshelves 

You’ve probably read all through winter, now is the time for proper cleanup. Organize your bedside novels, coffee table books, and magazines. Start by dusting the shelves before putting the books back. You can alphabetize the books or sort them by their genre for easy reading.

9. Closet 

Now that the winter is over, time to pack all the winter clothes and take out all the spring and summer pieces. Check all the clothes before you add them to your closet and make sure that the things you are adding are things that you would wear. Dust the closet before putting the clothes and shoes back in.

10. Patio Furniture 

The warm weather is here, time to get the outdoor lounge back. Make sure to clean all the surfaces by mixing dish detergent and warm water. Wipe the mixture to the chairs and tables and wash them by spraying water and letting it air dry.

Get your house ready for spring by following the cleaning tips above. If you want more tips on how to upgrade your house for Spring, you can read this article: 6 Ways to upgrade your home for spring 

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