Ways Meditation Improves Productivity

Being productive is the key to getting things done better and faster. There are many ways to be productive, such as focusing on the task at hand, staying away from distractions, or planning early. However, it is often mistaken that being overworked or devoting too much time to a task makes people productive. But instead of productivity, people end up getting overwhelmed and stressed. A stressful mind will never be productive, as stress causes you to worry and lose concentration. The mind can only be at one place at a time and if your mind is not fully engaged in the task, you won’t be able to finish anything. 

The amount of time you spend and the intensity of focus you have while doing the task are the keys to high-quality work. Increasing your focus means getting more things done in a lesser time. If you want to be more productive, then you would need to train your mind and that is where meditation comes in.

Meditation is a state of mind where you think about nothing. The reason why meditation is beneficial to your productivity is that it strengthens the prefrontal cortex of your brain. The Prefrontal Cortex is responsible for making decisions, keeping focus, planning, behavior, and so on. By doing meditations, the neurons in your Prefrontal Cortex will work more effortlessly. Plus, meditation will make you relaxed and stress-free and if you are relaxed, your mind can work more effectively. 

 Here are some ways meditation increases your productivity:

1. Improves Concentration and Focus. People love multitasking. It makes us think that we are doing multiple things at the same time. However, research says that multitasking is not really possible. It might look like you are doing two things at once, but in reality, you are not as efficient as you think. Meditating will help you concentrate and focus on one task. Your brain will shut down the distraction and just focus on one thing; thus, increasing your efficiency.

2. Reduces Stress. We experience stress on a daily basis, not just with our work but in everyday life in general. A little stress can be a good thing since it helps you be alert and focus on a task. However, too much stress can cause many health issues like anxiety, high blood pressure, heart problems, depression, and many more. Meditation trains your body on how to release stress. It teaches you to calm down and control your emotions, especially when we perceive something stressful or frightening that triggers the “flight or fight response”. When you know how to control your emotions, it will prevent you from reacting irrationally. 

3. Improves Creativity. When you have a clear mind, new ideas start coming in. When you meditate, you learn how to process and be receptive to new ideas. Your mind won’t get bogged down with multiple ideas since you know exactly what you want. Focusing and having a clear mind helps you to be more accepting of new ideas while seeing things from a different perspective.

4. Improves self-awareness. Self-awareness is being aware of different aspects of yourself such as your traits, behavior, and feelings. Meditation helps promote self-awareness. When one is aware of themselves, they gain confidence and increase their self-control especially when procrastination and laziness come in.

5. Decreases negative reaction. If you are a pessimist or a negative thinker it can greatly affect your productivity. You spend time dwelling instead of getting things done. Meditating helps you release those negative emotions. This leads to inner peace and a productive day.

Getting ready for Meditation:

1. Sit or lie comfortably. Make sure you are comfortable in your position since you will be staying there for a few minutes. A superior seat such as our Tatami Cushion will add comfort when sitting on the floor:

2. Improve your meditation using Aromatherapy. Scents like Frankincense and lavender help relax your mind and promote emotional stability and mental clarity. Use a good diffuser to put out a strong mist and distribute the scent effectively.

3. Have a clean meditation space. A clean room will help you focus more. Having a space that is clean and clutter-free will help you get relaxed and ready for meditation. Add some statues or decorations to get your spirit up for meditation.

4. Put out some candles. Candles create a relaxing environment to aid in meditation. Choose candles that are toxic-free and offer a soothing scent.  

5. Have some plants. Like people, plants are living things. They are also emotional beings. Have you felt stress and calmed down right after staring or being close to plants? Plant uplifts energy and gives calming properties. Add hanging plants or put them on vases.


Meditation has great soothing effects to help increase your productivity. It not only enhances productivity but is proven to improve work satisfaction and general happiness. 

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