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While most women love to go shopping, that doesn’t mean that shopping for their perfect gift is easy. Sometimes it can feel like there’s too many choices to choose from. You need to check if the item is something that they don’t have and if it’s something that they need. Worry not, we got you covered. We’ve made a list of all the items that every woman would love (women approved!)

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Self-care and Wellness

Stationery Lovers

Plant Lovers

Fitness Lovers



Women love things to be neat and organized. These organizers will keep things clean while looking chic. 


Cosmetics Storage Mirror

This Cosmetics mirror and storage lights up. Plus the mirror, rotates 360 degrees, pretty cool, right?


Rose Gold Storage Rack

This best-seller is a great addition for the vanity. It conveniently fits into any corners to maximize space. Every woman would love this!


Nordic Brass Tray

This mirrored-gold tray is an elegant want to store and display cosmetics and perfume. A luxurious piece to add to every home. It can also be used to display jewelry and other accessories.

Prestige Cosmetics Organizer

This acrylic organizer is perfect for those who have tons of cosmetic products. The clear design allows you to easily see and pick the product needed.

Makeup Sponge Rack

One of the most commonly used product of a woman is a beauty sponge. The  Makeup Sponge Rack  stores the sponge conveniently. It will look neat on any vanity. Every woman will be thrilled to have this.

Rotating Three Tier Storage

A messy dresser is a No-no! Keep all the cosmetic products clean and easily accessible with this  Rotating Three Tier Storage.  Perfumes, Foundation, Lipstick can all be stored here - has a lot of space for all the cosmetics.

Duo Container

Looking for a gift to add to the bathroom? The  Duo Container  is perfect for storing cotton and cotton swabs. Removable top and open design allows easy access to the cottons.

Marble Holder

This sleek marble print holder will upgrade any table space and will give it a sophisticated touch. Great for storing brushes, office materials or any small items.

Glass Organizer

A timeless, unique piece to with clear display and gold linings. Every girl will be thrilled to store their brushes here or use as a keepsake box.

Revolving Lipstick Kit

Another great gift for women who loves glamming up is this  Revolving Lipstick Kit.  It has rotating base and multiple storage to hold all those lipsticks.

Staircase Lipstick Organizer

This beautiful lipstick organizer is for every beauty lover in your life. The staircase design will look good in any vanity. Plus, it can hold up to 28 lipsticks! 

Recherche Jewelry Box

This cute jewelry box is perfect for women who travels but loves glamming up! Compact style and can hold many jewelries. They don’t need to worry about losing a piece! 

Makeup Brush Holder

This eye-catching piece will add style to every girls vanity! It has clear display to easily see brushes and has pearls that make it look more stunning. 

Infinity Tray

This classy tray is every woman’s dream! Featuring marble style ceramic plates in a golden, circular rack. No matter where they put, it will surely standout. A great gift for your loved ones!

Nordic Tray

For the woman who loves classy style, this  Nordic Tray  will suit their style. The marble style plates and golden ring creates a luxurious vibe that will match any interior. Be sure to add this on your gift list!

Acrylic Makeup Brush Holder

For your favorite person who loves makeup, this  Acrylic Makeup Brush Holder  is perfect. The stylish, clear design allows them to easily see the brushes while they follow their favorite makeup tutorial.




These decorations look effortlessly chic and it doubles as storage. Perfect for all the minimalist woman. 


Marble Tray

This Marble Tray will be the go-to, to display products. The elegant marble design will easily match any interior on the house giving a luxurious vibe.


Glass Candle Holder

Candles are a great decoration for a house. Plus, it sets the mood. If you’re looking for an additional gift for your candles, these  Glass Candle Holders  are the best.


Ceramic Marble Tray

Looking for a decoration to match their Nordic Household? The  Ceramic Marble Tray  does not only look elegant but can also be used as a makeup tray, key tray, or even a coffee tray. 

Marble Print Tissue Box

For them to add a beautiful tissue box decoration to their home, this  Marble Print Tissue Box  features a marble print with sleek shape.


Rattan Round Basket

Decorating looks better with these rattan baskets. These eco-friendly, handwoven baskets adds natural touch  to any room. It can also be used as serving trays.


Pearl Jewelry Tray

Level up your loved ones decorating game with these pearl trays. With pearl looking resin and golden lining, these trays will display the jewelries in the most beautiful way.


Macrame Mat

These coasters are eye-catching and useful. With cotton fabric, natural color and fun geometric shape, these coasters will be an A+ decoration in their home.



Plant Lovers

Goodies for green thumbs, right this way!


Plant Spritzer

Plants need water and care. Does the plant need emergency misting? This Plant Spritzer got you covered. Plus, it looks great, right?

Plant Mister

This geometrically designed Plant mister is not just used for watering plants. They can use it for home disinfection, humidification and cleaning produce. 

Self-Watering Glass Bird

For your friends who always travel but worry about leaving the plants. These  Self-Watering Glass Birds  will be their bestfriend. The glass birds release water that it is enough to water the plants for almost 2 weeks!

Desktop Terrarium

Your giiftee will love this  Desktop Terrarium.  They can display it on their working table and check it every second. It looks great and pleasing to the eyes!

Octagonal Pot


Sure, they got tons of plant pot, but how many as cool and stylish as this one? These are the one-of-a-kind pieces that make a statement.

Geometric Floating Vase

Upgrade their usual vase with this unique floating vase. This trend-setter vase will bring some style to the giftees home.

Mini Marble Pod

This  Mini Marble Pod  is stylish and easy to use. Plus the glam combination of gold and marble make it an A+ decoration to any home.



Self-Care and Wellness 

If you love them, then give them these self-care products.


Microfiber Hair Towel

Microfiber towels are great for the hair. It dries hair quickly and prevents getting frizzy hair. Give them these towels to show that you care for them.

Towel Dress

Looking for a towel that will stand out from the rest? This  Towel Dress  is perfect for your girlfriends. Great towel to use after a long bath or shower.

Faux Fur Slippers

The ultimate slippers of self-care: A super comfy fur slippers. These soft-as-a-cotton will keep them comfy all day long.

Bamboo Bathtub Tray

These bamboo trays will make the next bath as comfy and chill as possible. No need to worry about the size, these trays are adjustable and will fit any bath tub.

Jade Roller Set

When you can’t treat her to a day in the spa, getting this  Jade Roller Set  will still give them the beautiful skin they always wanted. Plus, massaging this to their face will remove all their stress away!

Contact Case 

Gift for the person who loves wearing contacts? These marble design marble contacts case are the perfect way to hide their specs. It also comes with contact lens stick, tweezers, and a lens cleaner bottle. A perfect set, right?

Silk Pillowcase

These pillowcases are the comfiest pillowcase, ever! Aside from them being soft and smooth, did you know that a silk pillowcase improves sleep quality, and prevents hair from getting knotted? 

Silk Eye Mask

Silk eye masks are an easy way to give yourself a special beauty treatment without paying spa prices. The silk masks prevent dark circles and bags under the eyes.



Stationery Lovers

Need ideas to give to your co-workers? Give them these thoughtful gifts to solidify your coworker bonds.


Desktop Humidifier

This humidifier will keep them healthy. It releases negative ions and purifies the air. This will also help them relax, sleep and calm them down.


Laptop Stand

Using a laptop all day long can be painful to the body. But with proper  eye-level, it can reduce their pain level. This laptop stand has adjustable height to keep for easy and comfy use.



Fitness Lovers 

For friends who can't go a day without breaking a sweat. These gift ideas are perfect to add to their fitness collection.


5 Piece Resistance Band Set

These resistance bands are great gifts for fitness lovers. Made from 100% natural latex that are color coded for resistance level and are designed to keep them motivated to get their body weight goal.


Fitness Gliders

For your fitness buddy, these dual-sided gliders can deliver a killer core workout without needing to go to the gym.The exercise sliders are suitable for anyone looking for equipment that is efficient and easy to use.



Green thumbs agree, this set will make all your plant lover friends love you more.

Plant Essentials

A Plant mister to keep plants moist everyday and a self-watering glass bird to keep plants water when they are on vacation. This set will delight any of your plant-obsessed pals.

Shower Set

For your friend who is a self-professed bath junkie,no need to give them a spa day when you can give them this shower set. Gift them this set to make her happy all year long!

Self Care Set

We all can agree that this is the perfect time of year to get some spa-worthy, me time. But if you can’t give them a spa day treat, this set will do the trick.

Fitness Kit

For fitness lovers, opting for gym equipment and exercise-related gear is the way to their hearts.  Nothing says “I care for you'' better than getting them motivated to get their health and body goal.

Brass Bundle 

Keep them in style with these glass organizers. These organizers are stylish and will give their home a very luxurious vibe.

Tissue Box Duo 

Because one is not enough, this set is not useful but will keep both of their bedroom and living room in style!

Cosmetics Collection

A gift for your make-up obsessed friend? This set is perfect for those who love both makeup and staying beautifully organized!

Candle Trio 

When it comes to candle decor, one is never enough. This Candle Trio set will look great for the eyes and if you add scented candles, this will surely give a pleasing smell to the house.

Centerpiece Collection 

For people who adore decorating or simply spending time in their home, this centerpiece collection will give them a new idea on how to style their home.

Sleep Set 

For your loved one deserves a goodnight sleep. This set will give them a good sleep and will keep their eyes and hair healthy. What better present is there than helping someone you love wake up renewed and refreshed?


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