What is Nordic Interior Design?

Have you ever heard of Nordic Style? If you believe that there’s beauty in simplicity, then Nordic Style is for you. Nordic Style, also known as Scandinavian Style has been around since the post-World War II era. The design focuses on simple lines, minimalist style, and functionality without sacrificing beauty. Scandinavian style also has a great connection with Nature. Plants are always part of the design, bringing in a sense of outdoor inside.

The Scandinavian colors focus on neutrals like bright white with pops of black. Blush and Gray-blue colors are frequently used as well. However, the style is not based on these colors but the idea is that the overall design space is monochromatic with hues coming into play as accent pieces.

The style is popular because the brightness and uncluttered style, evoke calmness that people miss in their daily lives. It speaks to our tidy tendencies and the desire to live in an inviting yet comfortable space. After a stressful day at work, returning home to a serene house is what everyone needs. 

However, it’s not easy to take design inspiration and bring it to life. So, we compiled some defining factors and tips so you can create a Scandinavian interior design.

  1. Play with Natural Lights -  Scandinavian design call for minimal window treatments. It allows lights to pour naturally into space. Designs often play with natural light which is a must in Nordic countries.
  2. Mid- Century Modern Furniture - Out of all the furniture styles, the style that stands the most is mid-century modern designs, meaning more on texture and pattern. The simple lines and natural colors are great for people who appreciate the minimalist aesthetic.
  3. Add Contrast - High-contrast marks the Scandinavian interior design. In a monochromatic room, black or dark furniture creates a dramatic, impactful statement. 
  4. Storage as Decor - The Scandinavian style focuses on minimalist yet functional style. Decorations that doubles as furniture is highly incorporated into the Scandinavian interior.
  5. House Plants - The Scandinavian design doesn’t involve a lot of colors but if you’re looking to brighten up space without sacrificing the Scandinavian style, house plants can do the trick. Plants bring earthy elements, adding a natural look with a pop of color.
  6. Monochrome Art - It’s no secret the Swedes turn towards monochrome artwork. Layer them for a casual, yet stylish effect.
  7. Use Warm Wood - Warm wood tones and hues are popular in Scandinavian style. The tones make the room feel bright and sunny without overwhelming bright colors.
  8. Think Cozy - the key difference between Nordic design and other minimalist design is the comfort level. Other styles come off cold, Scandinavian styles are meant to be warm and inviting. One key to success is creating comforting accents. Add plenty of pillows and softs blankets into your design. 
  9. Simple pattern- when it comes to patterns, Scandinavian home keeps it simple. Straight lines, unfussy geometric patterns suit into cozy homes. 
  10. Natural Materials- Materials such as leather and wood are great to incorporate in Scandinavian style. The rusty and tough look from these elements pairs well with cozy textiles.

Nordic Artwork:

1. Tender Canvas

2. Chic Feminine Canvas


3. Botanical Canvas

4. Coco Canvas

5. Vitality Canvas



Nordic Furniture

1. Nordic Tray
2. Nordic Glass Vase
3. Nordic Marble Jewelry Rack
4. Nordic Reading Lamp

5. Nordic Jewelry Rack

6. Nordic Candle Holder

7.  Nordic Brass Tray

8. Charm Tiered Rack


9. Cosmetic Brush Arbor

10. Nordic Marble Tray

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